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Top 3 Most Famous Nudist Beaches in Queensland

queensland escortsQueensland is a huge territory in Australia. With two major cities in its realm, the state is one of the most popular tourist locations. Gold Coast is a major surf and beach destination while Brisbane is famous for its parties, nightlife and comfortable living. But what makes Queensland famous is their beautiful nudist beaches that you will surely enjoy. But we have to leave you with a WARNING: Nude bathing or simply stripping on a warm beach in Queensland is ILLEGAL.

If you want to just forget the rules for a day or looking for some pretty sights (I’m sure there are), don’t forget to bring some sunscreen because it’s going to get hot! Here are the top 3 unofficial nudist beaches in the territory, in no particular order:


1. Alexandria Bay. This area situated between granite and Alexandria bay used to be a famous nudist spot until they upgraded the area with a series of pathwalks nearby. Unless you want to shock or catch attention to daywalkers and backpackers, head south down the beach and you’d get the privacy that you want.

2. Buchans point. Another favorite ever since the fifties, Buchans is the closest thing that Cairns has for a nude beach. Since the naturism is illegal in Queensland, many organizations had been fighting for rights to strip on the beach and this is one of the locations they are fighting for. It is also the favored spot for the Cairns Sun Boys – a gay social group. You can join the protests by going there and enjoying your nakedness.

3. Balding Bay Beach. One of the most famous nudist beaches, not only in Queensland, but also all over Australia. Balding beach bay is situated in Magnetic Island which is a boat ride away or an hour walk from Townsville. Backpackers can stay in a nearby campsite but be warned, naked people walking.

Australia is one of the most interesting countries and continent to visit to. For one thing, escorting is legal within the country. Enjoy your stay with Queensland escorts in our galleries!

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