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A Hand-in-hand Topic about Condoms and other means of Protecting your Weiner

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While only a few infections are actually fatal and are considered rare, having STDs and STIs is embarrassing and painful. The most awkward situation you could be in is explaining yourself to your physician about what happened. Worse is, you wouldn’t even know that you got infected and spread it unknowingly to your next sex partner; spreading the disease.

There are all sorts of ways to protect yourself from STDs and STIs. The most common and the cheapest method is the male, external condom. It is comfortable, offers great sensation and protects your shaft from contracting these deadly diseases, plus you are sure that your ejaculations are away from the female egg. Female condoms do exist but not as popular as male condoms. Female condoms have been existing since the 90s but the issue of comfortability and sensation had always prevented it from being widespread. Most females who wear female condoms usually take a couple of medicines to prevent it from irritating or for added security.

If you really want to be extra careful on your encounter with Queensland escort, you can purchase latex gloves or specially made finger condoms (usually sold on sex shops). There are also dental dams available if you are a big fan of oral sex. While female escorts in Queensland still do offer BBBJ or bare back blowjob, most of them still would require you to wear a condom.

Another tip for adult entertainment clients and practitioners, always make sure to use a new condom for a different hole, especially when it comes to alternating between anal and vaginal penetration.

The best escorts in Queensland can give you maximum pleasure and sensation, even if you are wearing a thick condom. These ladies are clean of any STDs and STIs, plus you can check their medical history. View the best escorts now in the gallery!

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