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5 Myths Surrounding Queensland Escorts


Like all things, there are common myths and misconceptions that surround the escorting business. Some range from normal misunderstandings to crazy ideas that might have sprung from uncertainties of the business. Here are some common misconceptions that can be both entertaining and informative:

  • Escorts are involved in drugs. This is untrue, escorts today have a good understanding on how to maintain proper reputation among clients and would not jeopardize that for drugs.


  • Escorts are dumb. One of the requirements of being an escort is that you have to be smart and clever enough to verbally entertain clients. Most Queensland escorts have college degrees and are well-travelled and opinionated.


  • Escorts need to be hot. Though it can be a plus to be attractive but what makes an escort an escort is the personality behind every smile and the attitude that she shows. This is what captivate clients and gets you far in the business.


  • Escorting is people that have emotional problems. This one borderlines crazy, being an escort does not make you emotionally unstable. It just indicates that you want to explore your sexuality more often than others and you are open to being paid for it.


  • Escorts earn a lot. Yes, escorts do earn as much as $1000 an hour but before achieving such a paycheck, a Queensland escort needs to work hard in marketing themselves and properly dealing with clients.


There are many misconceptions that surround the escorting industry to name some. Nevertheless, the industry still enjoys a steady stream of clients and many independent Queensland escorts are happy about it. To give you more information about our girls, head to the gallery now.

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